Household Tips

First published in 1916, A L Fowler’s book of household tips is an indispensable guide to all those ‘Kim and Aggy’ moments – from cleaning a dirty clothesline and removing paint from window panes, to obliterating a whole host of stains, from rust to indelible ink, to blood and mildew. This delightful little volume also reveals the best way to rid yourself of those annoying household pests, including ants, beetles and flies; how to remove odours from your hands; and advises on the use of natural products to clean floors, windows and cooking utensils. Fowler also shows the twentieth-century housewife how to perform miracles in the kitchen, with tips on making pastry extra flaky, the quickest way to peel carrots and how to remove burns from a cake.

Author: A L Fowler
ISBN: 9780752472843

Format: PDF
Size: 21.56 Mb


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