How To Survive A Move

If you are one of the forty million Americans who will move this year, you know the task can seem overwhelming. Now, there’s help. How to Survive A Move by Hundreds of Happy People Who Did (and some things to avoid, from a few who haven’t unpacked yet), offers hundreds of helpful and entertaining stories on moving from the real ?pros everyday people who have moved and survived to tell their stories. ?Moving is one of the most challenging things you can do: Take your daily life and everything that’s familiar, throw it all in the blender known as a moving truck, and see what comes out when you get to the other side. Yet it’s precisely what 1 in every 7 Americans do every year, ? write the book’s editors, Jamie Allen and Kazz Regelman. ?We wanted to create a book that offered the best tips on everything from moving your pets to making friends with your new neighbors.? How to Survive A Move offers a truckload of valuable relocating advice, including: Packing Up?it actually starts with trashing Professional Movers vs. Inexpensive Friends Baby on Board?Advice for Parents Saying Goodbye to Family and Friends Pets?how to move a fish and calm a cat Settling in?getting unpacked and making your new place home Worst Moves Ever (what to avoid!) Just in time for the busy summer moving months?when families with school-aged children are most likely to pick up stakes?How to Survive A Move offers quick tips for harried movers. How to Survive A Move is the fifth title in the fast-growing Hundreds of Heads Survival Guide series. The series grew out of the simple idea that when you?re facing any of life’s major challenges, it’s good to get advice from those who have gone before you. Unlike other movingbooks that give the opinion of one or two experts, How to Survive A Move includes words of wisdom from hundreds of people? both singles and families, nationwide?who have ?been there, done that? (many of them have moved over a dozen times!). Millions of people have survived moving, and so can you! ?The fifth title in the new ?Hundreds of Heads Survival Guide? series compiles hundreds of essential moving tips, real-life stories, and quotes by movers across the United States and Canada.? ?Library Journal ?…presented in tidbits that are easy to digest when you?re more concerned with packing boxes than spending hours reading a book.? ?San Diego Union-Tribune a compilation of suggestions from people who?ve successfully managed their own relocations.? ?Knight Ridder/Tribune New Service

Author: Jamie Allen, Kazz Regelman, Jamie Allen
ISBN: 9780974629254
Pages: 241
Format: PDF
Size: 34.27 Mb


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