Stick It!

Duct Tape: Dream designer material or simple adhesive used for binding purposes? Thanks to Stick It!, duct tape will become a valuable commodity in your house now that it can be coaxed into wacked-out wallets, wild wearables, punked-out paper goods, and funky jewelry that will bedazzle any outfit fit for all occasions! This invaluable guidecomplete with folders and step-by-step directionswill lead you through 99 different craft projects so youll become your own DT aficionado. Each project is leveled from: Dude, my five-year-old sister could do that to Dont even think about operating heavy machinery. Told in an accessible teen-speak language hip tapesters will love, and reminiscent of Stitch N Bitch and The Big Bad-Ass Book of Crafts, this book is appropriate for the new generation of cool and funky hand made craftsters. Read, unroll, and express your rockin self through creativity and, of course, duct tape!

Author: T.L. Bonaddio
ISBN: 9780762442980

Format: PDF
Size: 18.09 Mb


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