The Classic M1 Garand

The only full-power, semiautomatic standard infantry rifle in existence during World War II, the M1 Garand remains the most popular high-powered target semiautomatic in the world — and arguably the most rugged and durable. This sequel to ‘The Complete M1 Garand’ is an up-to-date guide to admiring, shooting and collecting this classic rifle well into the 21st century. Part One includes the M1’s tactical, developmental and industrial history, takes a realistic look at its perceived ‘flaws’ and presents savvy advice on buying parts and parts kits in today’s marketplace. Plus it incorporates charts detailing the M1’s World War II and post-war delivery chronology, to be used as general guidelines when restoring an M1. The second half of the book addresses some common questions about the rifle and covers some of the touchiest aspects of maintaining the rifle.

Author: Jim Thompson
ISBN: 9781581602609
Pages: 112
Format: PDF
Size: 10.85 Mb


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