How to Make Picture Frames

Anyone can learn to easily construct their own beautiful frames with the advice and instructions in this book. It features clear instructions, dozens of illustrations and step-by-step photographs. A good frame can accentuate a piece of art, protect a cherished memento, or enhance the decor of your home. However, professional framing can be very expensive. Fortunately, with the advice and instructions inside “How to Make Picture Frames”, anyone can learn to easily construct their own beautiful frames. From antique to contemporary, readers will find designs for rustic frames, easy-to-make oval frames, highly decorated frames and even a handsome Craftsman-style frame. The experts at American Woodworker magazine have compiled their best articles on frame-making and provide clear instructions, dozens of illustrations, step-by-step photographs and everything readers need for success. With workshop tips, plans for jigs and matting & mounting instructions, readers are guaranteed to create frames they can be proud of.

Author: American Woodworker
ISBN: 9781565234598
Pages: 119
Format: PDF
Size: 10.18 Mb


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