A Practical Illustrated Guide to Attracting & Feeding Garden Birds

This is the complete book of bird feeders, bird tables, birdbaths, nest boxes and backyard bird watching. It helps you learn what to feed garden birds, from seeds, grains and peanuts to fruits, suet cakes and fat balls, as well as how to attract birds by planting the right flower borders, trees and shrubs, and by making wildlife hedges and ponds. It features practical step-by-step projects for making your own feeders, tables, birdbaths and nest boxes, from simple designs to highly ornamental creations. It includes a visual directory of all the most common garden bird species, with natural history information on distribution, size, nesting, eggs and feeding habits. It explains how birds live – from flying and feeding to egg-laying and migrating – with a guide to bird watching in urban, country, woodland and aquatic locations. It deals with over 760 beautiful photographs and illustrations. Birds are a delight in the garden, not only for their beauty and birdsong, but also because they eat many harmful garden pests.This book contains a wealth of feeding ideas for backyard birds, from seeds, grains and peanuts to fruits, suet cakes and fat balls, and suggestions for the best flowers, shrubs, hedges and trees to plant to encourage birds into the garden. There are 25 step-by-step projects for tables, nest boxes, birdbaths and birdhouses that will enhance and decorate your garden, and the book also features an illustrated directory of 80 of the most common garden birds, from woodland and countryside locations to town and city environments, with information about identification, distribution, habitat and feeding habits. With its helpful practical advice and superb photographs and illustrations, this is the ideal source book for all wildlife enthusiasts.

Author: Jen Green
ISBN: 9781844765713
Pages: 256
Format: PDF
Size: 29.15 Mb


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