Color: The Complete Guide for Your Home

Learn to pick, match, complement, and contrast colors like a pro

Color is an intimidating topic, and with trends changing as frequently as they do, it can be overwhelming to undertake home painting and decorating projects both big and small. Fortunately, educating yourself about color and gaining confidence in picking, matching, complementing, and contrasting colors is just a page away with “Color.”

Here, you’ll get a detailed discussion of color theory, with clear explanations of complementary, contrasting, and other pleasing schemes. It covers a wide variety of color palettes, with photos showing how they can be successfully implemented in a room. Plus, it’s packed with tips on finding inspiration and translating ideas into a color palette that works.

  • Value-packed, all-in-one color reference you’ll turn to again and again
  • Expert advice on how to choose colors for paint, fabrics, accessories, and more
  • Tips on how to make all the elements of a room work together
  • Specific information about the paint colors presented throughout the book so you can find the shades that appeal to you

Written by the experts at Better Homes and Gardens, “Color” gives you the very latest, most popular color schemes as well as classic and timeless palettes that never go out of style. So what are you waiting for?

Author: Samantha S. Thorpe
ISBN: 9781118170359
Pages: 263
Format: PDF
Size: 10.40 Mb


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