Secrets to Get Organized in Minutes

Getting organized shouldn’t be one of life’s great challenges. Yet, for many people, locating the things they need–when they need them–is no easy task. In fact, Americans waste an average of 55 minutes a day looking for things they own but cannot find. This accounts to roughly 12 weeks of wasted time each year. In a world where time is money, battling clutter is not only frustrating, it’s costly. What many people don’t know is that they can make organization simple and enjoyable with the easy-to-follow strategies and examples in this book. Secrets to Get Organized uncovers practical tips that readers can apply immediately to help get their home, work, and life in order. In a direct, easy-to-read style, this book gives readers the basics on topics such as creating a place for everything, prioritizing activities, delegating tasks, shopping wisely, preventing hoarding, and effectively managing time. No matter how busy or disorganized they are, readers will find ideas that they can apply immediately to clear clutter and reduce stress. The wisdom contained in Secrets to Get Organized will benefit readers by guiding them through the entire organizing process, from start to finish.

Author: Alex A. Lluch
ISBN: 9781934386422
Pages: 192
Format: PDF
Size: 31.89 Mb


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