DIY Everything: The Ultimate Guide to Self-Reliance

The concept of providing for yourself and your family isn’t new. Traditional, agrarian societies had a much higher level of independence than we do today, although the work was backbreaking and the lifestyle Spartan. Now, the use of modern materials and technologies combined with a healthy dose of MacGyver-style ingenuity puts an element of self-reliance within anyone’s grasp.

“DIY Everything “is a fully illustrated encyclopedia of self-sufficiency. This comprehensive manual features step-by-step guides for every level of ambition and expertise including:

Simple, crafty projects to green any lifestyle make your own everyday necessities such as soap, paper, rope, and candles More complex how-to’s aimed at the hobbyist and tinkerer produce alternative fuels and renewable energy as you learn to build a wind turbine, solar water heater, biogas digester and more Advanced whole-home construction techniques with natural or reclaimed materials for the hardcore inventor and jury-rigger

“DIY Everything “combines traditional skills with creative life hacks and extreme upcycling to help you increase your independence while preparing for any eventuality. Inspiring, empowering, and entertaining no bookshelf is complete without it.

Dan Martin spent six years living completely off-grid, developing tools to foster self-reliance using readily available materials. A former Boeing aerospace engineer, he has travelled around the globe since 2009 spearheading catastrophe response and recovery efforts in communities hit by earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, and other disasters. He is the author of dozens of do-it-yourself guides on a wide range of topics related to self-sufficiency and sustainable living.”

Author: Dan Martin
ISBN: 9780865718081
Pages: 480
Format: PDF
Size: 23.20 Mb


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