American Country Furniture

For anyone who loves to build long-lasting country furniture comes this thoroughly illustrated handbook from the master craftsmen at The Workshops, a well-known Ohio provider of Early American reproductions. David T. Smith and the folks who work with him have emerged as outstanding historians, designers and artisans. “American Country Furniture” is a collection of their combined experience and reveals their outstanding woodworking techniques, as well as the history behind each of the 50 pieces of furniture included. Each project is clearly illustrated and explained using detailed drawings, materials lists, step-by-step instructions and photographs for demonstrating special techniques. You’ll be walked through the assembly after learning a short history on how the piece was used and evolved over time. The popular projects include: dry sink, harvest table, lap desk, pie safe, Shaker cradle and candle stand, trestle table, ladder-back chair, pencil-post bed and much more.

Author: Nick Engler, Mary Jane Favorite, Nick Engler
ISBN: 9781565234321
Pages: 327
Format: PDF
Size: 10.46 Mb


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