Understanding Cyclamen Plant - The Gardener's Complete Guide to Growing and Caring for Cyclamen

How to take good care of your cyclamen plants? The Gardener’s Complete Guide to grow your beautiful cyclamen. You will read in this ebook:Morphological FeaturesGrowth HabitPropagation1. Seed Propagation2. Ball Propagation3. Tissue Culture PropagationCultivation and Management Techniques1. Germination Stage2. Management after germination3. Transplant and Potting4. Changing pots5. Summering Management6. Growing Management7. Flowering Management8. Hastening Blossom Techniques9. Subsequent managementHydroculture11 Buying Tips for Cyclamen PlantCyclamen Caring Tips (From Spring, Summer, Autumn to Winter)Frequently Asked QuestionsPests, Problems and PesticidesPlant Disease1. Blight2. Botrytis Cinerea3. Bacterial Soft Rot4. Anthracnose5. Cyclamen virusPest control1. Root-knot nematode2. Cyclamen mitePhysiological Diseases1 Bulbs Cracking2. Petals Deformity3. Nutrient Deficiency Symptom4. Sunscald5. High Temperature

Author: Deedee Moore
ISBN: 9781312119550

Format: PDF
Size: 25.67 Mb


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