Cleaning the Easy Way! - Less Time, No Stress!

If you follow the suggestions in my ebook, your cleaning can take less time and effort and be fitted in with your family situation and other commitments. This book will show you a system which is very flexible. You can adapt it to reduce the stress and prevent any mess building up ever again while giving you more time for doing what you want to do. The focus is to help you improve the results you get, deal with any problems you have and do all that with less time and effort, leaving you more time to enjoy your family time and other activities. I’ll share the best ways I’ve found to get my house clean and keep it that way while it has been occupied by an active family and their friends through several years. Some tips will be more useful to your situation than others but you will get great results, clear up most cleaning problems and give you back some of the time and money you put into your cleaning now.

Author: Amanda Pearson
ISBN: 9781312114524

Format: PDF
Size: 26.27 Mb


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