The Color Answer Book: From the World's Leading Color Expert

Color is a catalyst for feelings – about how we look, decorate our home or office, plant in our garden, and relate to each other. The right colors stimulate or relax our senses, release happy memories, reflect how we feel about ourselves and about our personal space. For the past twenty-five years, color authority and best-selling author, Lee Eiseman, has spoken to thousands of consumers and professionals about the influence of color. Now she provides expert answers for all of us who want more color in our lives. For The Color Answer Book, she has selected the questions people ask her most, and broken them into the areas that most affect your life – wardrobe planning – including makeup, hair color, and accessories; decorating your home or office; your health and your garden or outdoor space.REVIEWS Your color questions answered. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute and author of The Color Answer Book From the World’s Leading Color Expert answers more than 100 questions about color in her new book, touching on home decor, fashion and personality.Erin Crawford, Des Moines Register, 2005/10/08″Color consultant Eiseman, who is also executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, offers an intelligent, highly opinionated, question-and-answer guide to the use of hue, saturation and value (to say nothing of tone, undertone, shade and tint)….For the pure suggestiveness of color, Eiseman serves ample food for thought. Amidst the color jungle, it s a blessing to have a guide like Eiseman.”Kirkus Reports, Kirkus Reports, 2005/11/01″For any have questions about making basic color choices: there are a host of color-related questions to consider in any home or personal project, and using a question/answer format, Eiseman tackles many of them. Questions range from how cultural background affects color choices and perceptions to the best colors of use in health care settings, how to use guidelines for hair coloring, considering the effects of a new color choice on personality, and much more. “Midwest Book Review, Midwest Book Review, 2005/12″Must Read. “Today s Books, Today s Books, 2005/12”

Author: Leatrice Eiseman
ISBN: 9781933102108
Pages: 153
Format: PDF
Size: 10.29 Mb


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