Woodcarving is fun, any way you cut it! Whether your interest lies in chip, incised, pierced, relief, sculptural or architectural carving – or if you just to whittle your weekend away – this book contains what you need to gain self-confidence in the craft. * 50 great projects for beginners and weekend carvers: – trout key chain – letter opener – scotty dog – stretching cat – love spoon – – paperweight – spirit face walking stick – inscribed plate – carved egg – * Basics and traditional carving techniques explained: – Tools – Wood – Patterns & Blanks – Selecting knives & gouges – Cutting – – Carving techniques – Sanding & Finishing – Safety – Ideas & Designs – * Beginners to the craft will find it easy to learn carving and whittling and to make great-looking pieces they will be proud to display and use and to give as gifts. * The Weekend Crafter series allows you to tackle a new craft in a weekend, with projects completed on a short time scale.

Author: John I. Hillyer
ISBN: 9781579902483
Pages: 80
Format: PDF
Size: 18.09 Mb


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