Weekend Woodworker's Project Collection, The

Pick a Project, Finish It in a WeekendDo you have time only during weekends to immerse yourself in your woodworking? If so, then The Weekend Woodworker’s Project Collection is for you. This book has 40 projects from which to choose and, depending on the level of your woodworking skills, any of them can be completed in one or two weekends.Projects include: a game box, a jewelry box, several styles of bookcases and shelves, 5 mirror/picture frames and more. And, you can choose from Arts and Crafts, Chippendale, Shaker, Federal, Contemporary, Greene & Greene or American Country furniture styles.So, pick a project and get started – time’s a wastin’!

Author: Editors of Popular Woodworking
ISBN: 9781440313592

Format: PDF
Size: 22.69 Mb


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