Grandmother's Feng Shui Wisdom

Chantal Monte’ learned the ancient art of feng shui at the knee of her beloved grandmother, who was raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, with a deep belief in Asian traditions, ceremonies, and superstitions as well as classical training in “the art of placement.

Monte’ learned how to properly arrange the rooms in her home, but also how to live and breathe the tenets of Feng Shui in every area of her life.

In this gem of a book, Monte’ imparts her grandmother’s wisdom in a simply and beautifully designed book.

She offers us insight into matters of the home: * When you have company over, don’t let everyone leave the house at once; too much energy will be taken out.* When cooking, don’t hit utensils against the pan as this will change the energy of the food.

She offers us insight into matters of the heart: * If you spill sugar, it means a wedding.* Throwing rice at a new couple feeds the evil spirits and distracts them, keeping the new marriage safe.

And wisdom of the ages: * When you take away from the earth, you have to give back.* Do not celebrate a birthday early or you will be tempting fate.

“Grandmother’s Feng Shui Wisdom” is a striking book, completely unique and charming so that it stands out among a plethora of feng shui texts. It embodies the original intent of this ancient Chinese system, which was to live in harmony with the natural elements and the earth’s forces.

Author: Chantal Monte
ISBN: 9781578633739
Pages: 63
Format: PDF
Size: 24.26 Mb


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