Sneaky Green Uses for Everyday Things: How to Craft Eco-Garments and Sneaky Snack Kits, Create Green Cleaners, and More

Ingenuity has met its match and his name is Cy Tymony. In his book, “Sneaky Green Uses for Everyday Things,” Cy combines the sneaky fun of his Sneaky Uses series with the growing interest in green living. The result is an easy-to-practice manual for conserving energy.
The book includes 40 projects using green techniques with step-by-step instructions, as well as illustrations and directions for an Earth-friendly existence. Projects are enjoyable for kids and also engaging for adults.
* Made from 100 percent usable information that really does conserve energy and improve the way we live.
* Contains sneaky things we can do to go green and includes a helpful energy reduction section that is full of tips and resources, making energy conservation easy.
* “I discovered Cy Tymony…There, amid the pages of hand-drawn illustrations, were the kinds of projects I hadn’t seen in years…Thank you, Cy, for reinvigorating those creative juices and] opening up the world of tinkering and creativity to a whole new generation of hobbyists looking to get their hands dirty with new and exciting projects.” –Ira Flatow, host of NPR’s “Science Friday”

Author: Cy Tymony
ISBN: 9780740779336
Pages: 144
Format: PDF
Size: 22.95 Mb


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