This book shows everything you need to know to achieve a DIY-standard retreat – the sort of holiday home you have always dreamed of. The authors describe each step in the process from identifying the land to deciding on and developing plans for a structure that suits their lifestyle and budget. Build them deep in the countryside, at the seaside or in your own back garden – wherever you like! Classic construction methods are covered, and are clearly illustrated in photographs and drawings: log cabin; pole-built and stick-built cabin; post-and-beam; stone; cordwood; Pyramid; A-frame; DIY kits; Many designs and purposes are covered: Classic woodland log cabin; Writer’s retreat; Guest quarters; Lakeside retreat; Japanese moon-gazing cabin; Boathouse; Beach Hut; Mediterranean bolthole; Perfect self-build projects for a holiday home or weekend retreat-within the skills of any DIY enthusiast & materials from your local B & Q.

Author: David R. Stiles, Jeanie Stiles, David R. Stiles
ISBN: 9781552093733

Format: PDF
Size: 15.44 Mb


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