Vintage French Interiors

French design is rich in the exceptional details that make a home unique. Drawing inspiration from the most creative antique shops found throughout France, this book is a treasure-trove of ideas for incorporating that inimitable French style into any interior. This book features objects found in all regions of France – from the celebrated flea markets of Paris to the charming antique shops of Provence – and provides a visually stunning catalog of ideas that capture the spirit of vintage French style. From the quirky charm of a mismatched tea service to the graphic simplicity of wooden printers typefaces; from the bright charm of Provencal print fabrics to the faded glamour of distressed gilding, the many enticing facets of timeless French style are on display.

Author: Sebastien Siraudeau
ISBN: 9782080300546
Pages: 207
Format: PDF
Size: 32.37 Mb


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