A Simple Guide to Solar Power

A top level explanation of what solar power is, how you can install it and you can financially benefit from it. What it will cost and whether it is worth it or not. Whether it is a money saver, a waste of time, or a money pit. It all depends on what you want to do, your circumstances and where you live. Includes a simple explanation of off grid, grid tie, net metering, What to expect from your power company, and do they even need to know? I have done it. It works for me and I save money. For about the price a good used car, you can do this, reduce your power bills, get your cost of living down during retirement years. If you are a do it yourself type person, with a basic knowledge of electricity, you can do this.

Author: Edward Olsen
ISBN: 9781312375710
Pages: 50
Format: PDF
Size: 21.28 Mb


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