Dessert Station

Every meal is best served with a sweet ending. This book celebrates the special places where we partake in eating great dessert and enjoying fine coffee. Sharing stories and catching up with family and friends become much more enjoyable when it is in a setting that stimulates our visual senses while our taste buds revel in the dessert of our choice. In Dessert Station, you will find diverse approaches in creating the perfect framing for this after-meal ritual that has been ingrained into our urban lifestyle. Some designers take a bold approach in colour or in forms, to echo either the brand identity or the product. Other designers use period or cultural design elements to evoke an atmosphere to envelope the space. Through this book, we can glean modern and fresh approaches in coffee house and dessert shop design. The designs presented show how each designer balances inspiration and function with each space serving specific needs of the kitchen, staff and customers.

Author: Vera (CRT) Wong, Emily Lee, Vera (CRT) Wong
ISBN: 9789881574329
Pages: 359
Format: PDF
Size: 31.12 Mb


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