My Cool Houseboat: An Inspirational Guide to Stylish Houseboats

Coolexamples ofhow houseboats can offer an attractive, practical, and alternative place to live, as well as amazing and often idiosyncratic solutions to living successfully in a small space People fall in love with boats and own them for a variety of reasons: out of affordability and necessity; a love of the water; closeness to nature and the environment; or just because they yearn for a different and more relaxed style of living/working space. The houseboats covered hereinclude canal boats, riverboats, narrow and wide beam boats, barges, Dutch barges, static houseboats, and even seaworthy cruisers moored in marinas. They are from the UK, North America, Europe, and Australia, and each onehas fascinatinghistory and owners stories. The chapter on unusual workspaces ranges from bookshops to business offices, while thehome chaptercovers everything fromstylish Seattle houseboats to a community made up of an eclectic mix of converted barges, tugs, minesweepers, and torpedo boats. Repurposed and rescued boats covered hererangefrom ones on dry land to a mariner’s restaurant; urban boats include city canal living and “village” life, from Paris to London and Amsterdam; and lastly, there is a chapter on get-away-from-it-all boats and retreats.”

Author: Jane Field-Lewis
ISBN: 9781909108868
Pages: 160
Format: PDF
Size: 33.60 Mb


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