Turning Natural Edge Bowls

The natural edge bowl is an example of how man and nature can work together to create beauty. With this book of 214 color photos and concise text, readers can learn to create a variety of natural edge bowls. Beginning with a discussion of wood grain orientation on the lathe and preparing the wood blank, the text explores rough turning, shaping, balance, coring, and final turning. Also learn decoration beyond turning, and surface treatments such as burning, carving, piercing, and finishing. Also explored are various materials for the turner’s use, including domestic and imported burls and where to obtain them. Finally, an impressive gallery is included to fire the imagination for future projects. Novices will find exciting challenges and seasoned turners will enjoy the details.

Author: Bernard Hohlfeld
ISBN: 9780764335624
Pages: 80
Format: PDF
Size: 27.11 Mb


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