Success With Biscuit Joiners

The simplicity of the biscuit jointer is explained by the fact that it was originally developed with just one purpose in mind: jointing wood quickly and cheaply. Even if used for this task alone, it is an effective and valuable power tool. However, various manufacturers have now developed jointers intended for more general use. These include creating entire furniture carcasses, sawing boards to size, adding functional and decorative features to furniture, and repairing old or antique table tops. This book will help woodworkers of all levels of skill and experience to get the most from their jointer and its associated products. It reviews the tool itself – different body types, main features, useful accessories and safety aspects and it covers basic working methods and advanced techniques. It introduces useful workshop projects devised by the author, including: T-square, tool storage cabinet, jointer working table, and dust collection drop box. Latest title in “GMC’s Success with…” series on woodworking, this book is fully illustrated with 200 colour photographs and detailed diagrams.

Author: Anthony Bailey
ISBN: 9781861084316
Pages: 176
Format: PDF
Size: 26.62 Mb


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