The Ultimate Table Saw Guide

3 Books on 1 Disc! The table saw is the No. 1 power tool in most woodworking shops. Its versatility has been proven again and again. This DVD contains three books that provide you with all the information you need to: * Learn about saw blades and safety * Tune up your table saw * Flush trim and straight-line rip * Make tapered cuts * Cut sheet stock You’ll also discover how to make: * A circle-cutting fixture * Rip and crosscut sleds * A miter jig with sliding stop * A raised panel fixture with positive sliding action and integral hold-downs * Shop-made splitters and push sticks * An adjustable dado-spacing fixture * A vacuum-actuated fence for ripping thin slices of wood Searchable PDFs on DVD-ROM

ISBN: 9781440302428

Format: PDF
Size: 28.35 Mb


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