Carving the Screech Owl

In over 300 clear, detailed colour photos and easy to follow descriptions, master carver Jeff Moore takes readers through all of the steps necessary to created a beautiful, life-like screech owl in wood. Beginning with a pre-shaped blank to simplify the roughing out process, techniques used in both high speed texturing and wood burning are shown. These techniques achieve eye-catching, realistic features and great detail. Instructions are also provided for creating feet with a realistic appearance complementing the habitat base. Following the carving stage, instructions are provided for airbrushing and brush painting techniques necessary to complete the screech owl and bring the carving to life. Additionally, the pattern is provided, along with detailed reference photographs of a live screech owl. This book will be a vital reference guide for any wood carver’s library.

Author: Jeffrey A. Moore
ISBN: 9780764343605
Pages: 95
Format: PDF
Size: 13.24 Mb


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