Where are contemporary architecture and interior design heading? Who, or what, are the creative forms that shape our times, or more importantly, create new possibilities? It is very difficult to express a critical opinion on the creative direction of our time; the most admired artistic innovations are normally the product of past eras or phases, and looking ahead requires us to identify and understand those influences that shape the art of planning and design. In a creative world where there is more and more globalisation and everything is being built in the same way – from New York to Hong Kong, from Rome to Beijing – designers play a vital role in emphasising the origin and identity of a place. This book presents a selection of original design projects from the global industry of beauty and well-being. These unique barbershops and salons epitomise a philosophy of modern communication in a world where is it is increasingly difficult to stand out.

Author: Emily Luo
ISBN: 9789881574299
Pages: 248
Format: PDF
Size: 22.57 Mb


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