The Colour Code

This book takes a sassy approach to colour by helping you unlock its potential and allowing it to consciously makes changes in your life. Colour is a universal and unspoken language which conveys many meanings and captivates our senses. Her gift is to give property soul. Klara Goldy has brought her passion to life using ‘The Colour Code’ to explore the realm of colour as a hidden language of the soul, so as to create inspired homes and environments. This is an exciting exploration for any reader wishing to work with colour in a deeper way. She reveals how her best ideas are about creating homes that are nurturing and supportive to the inhabitants. Inspiration is right there once we understand how colour affects us. This book aims to give you such confidence in exploring your relationship to colour and light.

Author: Klara Goldy
ISBN: 9781291804263
Pages: 152
Format: PDF
Size: 23.26 Mb


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