Ultimate Guide Plumbing

“Ultimate Guide: Plumbing” is an updated and expanded edition of Creative Homeowner’s comprehensive, best-selling plumbing how-to book. The most up-to-date products and techniques are covered. For the how-to information, strong emphasis is placed on doing things correctly, so all the projects use only code-compliant techniques. Author Merle Henkenius prepares the do-it-yourselfer to handle any plumbing task in the home, from replacing a washer in a leaky faucet to cutting and joining cast-iron vent pipes. The book also gives readers an overview of a house’s plumbing system, including supply, waste, and vent piping, and explains the basic physics that keep everything working well. So in addition to learninghow to plan and complete each project, readers learnhow to spot and improve outdated or dangerous techniques and materials in their home’s plumbing system.

Author: Merle Henkenius
ISBN: 9781580114851
Pages: 303
Format: PDF
Size: 23.08 Mb


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