Coming Home

Rosanna Bowles is a successful dishware designer who is starting to branch out into home decor, cooking and general lifestyle. “Family Circle” recently published a multi-page feature on her beachfront home, and she has also appeared in the “New York Times”, “O magazine”, “Bon Appetit” and many other publications. Her tableware designs are well known in the UK and throughout Europe. Bowles wants to help people live a more meaningful life by appreciating the pleasures of family, connecting and developing soulful relationships. In her first book, Bowles explores coming home to family and traditions, based around the seasons. She shows how to carve a perfect pumpkin, make old-fashioned popcorn in a pan, make quick yet effective Halloween costumes for kids and much more. Included are more than fifty delicious recipes, such as Erbazone (Spinach and Cheese Tart), Osso Buco, Simple Risotto, Homemade Pizza, Asparagus with Fried Eggs, Sugar Cookies, Grandma’s Caramel Cake and Rosanna Hot Toddie, as well as more than 250 stunning photos of Bowles and her family, her homes and her dishes.

Author: Rosanna Bowles, John Granen, Rosanna Bowles
ISBN: 9781584798361
Pages: 183
Format: PDF
Size: 23.57 Mb


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