The Colourful Home

Understanding colour is key to creating a beautiful home, but many of us feel at a loss when faced with the overwhelming choice of fabric swatches, paint cards and furniture samples. In this book, award-winning stylist and writer Vinny Lee shares her expertise to help every reader make assured and skilful colour choices. Divided into three easy-to-use sections, The Colourful Home begins with the basics. In ‘The Psychology of Colour’ Vinny explains and describes primary colours, before moving through secondary and blended shades. At every stage beautiful photographs show how these colours work in real homes, and what emotional and practical effect they can have, and how they work as part of a larger design. ‘The Elements’ addresses everything else in a room, – from floor coverings to fabrics and furniture. each of which contributes to the overall scheme, In the final section, ‘Colourful Spaces’, we see how these are brought together in different spaces within the home, from the entrance hall to the bedroom. The Colourful Home is lavishly illustrated and a wealth of practical ideas.Vinny Lee gives you all the tips and inspiration you need to create beautiful rooms you will love to live in.

Author: Vinny Lee
ISBN: 9781906417192
Pages: 144
Format: PDF
Size: 21.53 Mb


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