Field Guide to Tools

Finally, a field guide to identifying and utilizing more than 100 tools, from an awl to a propane torch, from a table saw to a screwdriver! Field Guide to Tools is the ultimate guide to all the gear any handyperson requires. Hardware stores, home stores, and garden stores are full of unrecognizable itemshere’s how you can find out what tool is appropriate for your job and just how to go about employing it. Descriptive pages outline the basic history and use for each tool, inventive alternate functions, and operating principles; component parts are illustrated by helpful diagrams; and more than 100 full-color photographs aid in identification while at the hardware store. Step-by-step directions walk you through the basics of using each tool properly and safely. Don’t attempt another at-home fix-it project without Field Guide to Tools!

Author: John Kelsey
ISBN: 9781594748479

Format: PDF
Size: 14.72 Mb


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