In Remodel (previously published in hardcover as House Transformed), architect Matthew Schoenherr shares insight gained through an architectural practice that is 90% renovation work. This book features 20 projects across the country, each of which showcases the “wow” that architectural thinking can bring when reworking existing space. Not only has every house in the book undergone an inspiring transformation, but each features great moves, small moves, and simple transformations that are applicable to many homeowner situations.
The author’s “Seven Knows”–what you need to know before you start a remodeling project–give homeowners a blueprint for design decisions that will exponentially improve the results of their project.
Know Your Place: acknowledge the regional context
Know Your Property: respond to your site
Know Your House: design compatibly
Know Your Structure: safety issues
Know Your Palette: material options
Know Your Lifestyle: design for the way you live
Know Your Passions: incorporate what matters most
By considering their many design options at the beginning of the renovation process, homeowners can do more than just move a wall or add a few hundred square feet of space: they can transform their home.
Table of Contents

Author: Matthew Schoenherr, Wendy Jordan, Linda Mason Hunter
ISBN: 9781561589241
Pages: 192
Format: PDF
Size: 28.07 Mb


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