Thermal Deformation in Machine Tools

This title provides proven guidelines for reducing thermal deformation in machine tools. Written by global experts in the field of machine tool engineering, this authoritative work offers tested solutions for reducing thermal deformation in machine tools. Analytical expressions and design data for estimating the magnitude of generated heat and determining the thermal boundary condition are provided. The book presents remedies for decreasing thermal deformation from structural design and NC compensation technology. Computational methods for evaluating and estimating thermal behavior are also included in this detailed guide. “Thermal Deformation in Machine Tools” covers: fundamentals in design of structural body components; estimation of heat sources and thermal deformation; structural materials and design for preferable thermal stability; various remedies for reducing thermal deformation; finite element analysis for thermal behavior; and, engineering computation for thermal behavior and thermal performance test.

Author: Yoshimi Ito
ISBN: 9780071635172
Pages: 214
Format: PDF
Size: 21.52 Mb


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