The Ultimate Sewing Book

The Ultimate Book of Sewing is an invaluable reference to all aspects of home sewing, from choosing material to finishing garments. It is full of handy tips on how to tell the difference between synthetic fibres and natural ones, and how to work with them on your sewing machine, how to handle tricky fabrics like velvets and sheers and how to use tailor’s chalk to get a professional finish. It will tell you how to improvise buttonholes, stitch in a straight line with your sewing machine and by hand, and make seams that lie flat; how to prevent edges from fraying, make collars and pockets, and alter purchased and handmade clothes. It is full of ideas for home embellishments and full step-by-step instructions and patterns for making curtains, linens, cushions, and slipcovers.

Author: Maggi McCormick Gordon
ISBN: 9781855859616
Pages: 320
Format: PDF
Size: 10.04 Mb


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