Carving a Coyote in Soapstone

The coyote is one of the more playful members of the wildlife world, while imbued with insight and wisdom. A popular animal to carve in many media, it comes to life again in this illustrated guide for carving a coyote in soapstone. Using only a chisel, a file, and a rasp, step-by-step instructions and detailed photographs show how to accomplish each cut. Chapters include drawing and detailing the design, rounding the tail side, creating the leg and head, defining the paw, rounding the body, and finishing and polishing. Patterns and a gallery of completed works are also provided. It is a great project for children ages 8 and up, under adult supervision. Artists of all trades, especially woodworkers, will be enamoured with this art form once they see how easy it is.

Author: Tasha Unninayar, Lynn Bartlett, Dawn Hartwig
ISBN: 9780764340093
Pages: 48
Format: PDF
Size: 39.73 Mb


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