Turning Bowls and Platters

Everyone loves a beautiful wooden bowl… Bowls are the heart of woodturning today Here are 14 skill-building and horizon-expanding articles for woodturners of all skill levels-expert, shop-tested insight and advice from the pages of American Woodturner, journal of the American Association of Woodturners. What you can learn from this book: How to mount turning blanks on the lathe How to manage the wood-drying process Expert safety tips covering all aspects of bowl turning A systematic view of bowl turning covering all the steps- including how to market your finished work How to turn unusual wood such as burls How to manage the bowl bottom How to add a decorative rim of a complementary wood species A clever method for making a hollow form without special tools- by turning two matching bowls and gluing them rim to rim How to design, turn and decorate wooden platters for every purpose Since 1986, American Woodturner has been the leading journal for practical and reliable information written by woodturners for their fellow woodturners. Making and Using Turning Tools, which has been extracted from this authoritative resource, is available as a 64-page printed book or as a digital e-book readable on all your electronic devices.

Author: John Kelsey
ISBN: 9781939662088
Pages: 66
Format: PDF
Size: 30.01 Mb


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