Do-it-Yourself Papering Walls & Ceilings

This is a practical guide to all you need to know about papering techniques throughout the home. It features easy-to-follow techniques for papering walls, corners, ceilings, stairwells and arches, around doors, windows and radiators, with 160 photographs and diagrams. It helps you how to prepare walls for papering, including techniques for removing tiles and old wallpaper, how to use lining paper and how to hang borders. It includes all the tricks of the trade revealed to solve common wallpapering problems, including air bubbles, tears, overlaps, gaps, poor pattern match, shiny patches and curling edges. You can advice on choosing plain and patterned wallpapers, and estimating quantities. It covers information on equipment, work platforms and ladders, and tips on safety. If you want an impressive decorative finish in a room, or just want a new look, papering is the answer. With this book, even the novice paperhanger will achieve a professional-looking result. The book offers advice on materials and equipment, preparation and techniques, with many tips throughout for papering trickier areas. And, you will need very little equipment to get started.

Author: Diane Carr, Ian Penberthy, Diane Carr
ISBN: 9780754817932
Pages: 64
Format: PDF
Size: 12.22 Mb


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