This book contains four stencils. These stencils were designed for use on walls, furniture, fabrics, canvas!wherever your creativity demands. They can be used individually or combined to create scenes. Just use your imagination and paint ribbons or vines from one completed stencil to another. Fairies (also seen as fairie or faerie) are mythical spirits or supernatural beings found in legends and folklore of many different cultures. They are winged creatures in the form of humans that possess the abilities of flight and magic. They are also able to foresee or influence the future and are most commonly associated with mischievous behavior. Fairies are an excellent subject for art because they are a creature of fantasy and thereby not restricting the imagination of the artist to recreating realistic views and scenes. Fairies can sit on flowers or nap inside of sea shells. I hope you enjoy your Fairy Stencils and create some fabulous works of art with them!

Author: Penny Vedrenne
ISBN: 9781430318651
Pages: 88
Format: PDF
Size: 24.56 Mb


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